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Post by FunMD on Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:33 pm

Hi guys, I have been looking through the logs and I am not satisfied with the way Demotions, Strikes and Firing people are being operated. From now on if you are demoting someone and remember you can be HR+ to Promote/Demote etc. I want to see the standard format;
Old Rank:
New Rank:
Reason for demotion:

Strike #:

I also want all demotions approved by a SR +
And all strikes or if people are being fired to be approved by TM +

Whilst this must be approved, the SR/TM + do not have to be online as all cases MUST be investigated. Therefor, when you are giving someone a demotion, strike or trying to fire them. You MUST evidence this. This means a screenshot of what the person had done. A screenshot of the conversation you had with the person informing them they are getting a demotion, strike or being fired. A screenshot to say you will be passing this information onto SR+. This doesn't matter what rank you are every incident like this should have proof and be recorded or no action will be taken.

All these screenshots must be the original, un-cropped screenshot and if it looks like the picture has been tampered with or edited you will be fired on the spot.

Thank you.
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