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Jo4lows Demotion/Strike/Fired Log Empty Jo4lows Demotion/Strike/Fired Log

Post by Jo4lows on Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:50 am

Name: tavion84
Reason: Self-promoting himself to Department Manager and being very rude and swearing upon me asking him to explain himself. Walked away also when I was trying to talk to him. Spamming in base as well.

Should not be allowed to be rehired.. just a suggestion. Very Rude.
Witnesses: Harrehson, AwesomeAuzzy343, dawn979
Result: FIRED!
Approved by: Piccar!

Name: OMGitscv
Reason: Joined in the commotion when tavion84 was swearing in base. Started swearing too and spamming.
Witnesses: Harrehson, AwesomeAuzzy343, dawn979, .:It.Be.Eli:.
Result: FIRED!
Approved by: Piccar!


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